Why Virtual Reality is the Best Team Building Activity

Published on 2022-07-08

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Virtual reality has now passed the game stage and is gradually becoming a real asset in the life of companies. This method has won over the very heart of companies in order to improve their collaboration and well-being. VR makes it possible to create new worlds and live out extraordinary experiences, and thus guarantees an original, innovative and above all unifying team building moment for groups taking part.

Using virtual reality during team building sessions has the decisive advantage of having a strong impact on the cohesion of your teams. It offers a fun moment that will allow you to weld your teams to experience a real adventure together. Indeed, the emotions generated by VR animations, in a game for example, allow an increase in the sensations felt by its users and thus creates strong links between collaborators. Virtual reality has great potential for vocational training. Recognized as an educational tool, it offers many solutions to companies in search of novelties and efficiency. In fact, it provides better learning for trainees and employees, in addition to making training more interesting. So, what role does it play in this process?

What Is VR And VR Training?

Virtual reality or VR refers to a set of devices that digitally simulate a specific environment. It allows one or more people to immerse themselves in an artificial world. VR training or virtual reality training is done through a VR headset. The employee or trainee faces a simulated danger situation or is immersed in a case study. They will then have to make the best decisions to reduce the risk of accidents.

What Is Team Building?

The primary objective of a team building exercise is to help a group of people become a coherent unit. In short, team building facilitates the strengthening of a team and its company. Today, building teams has entered the work place and has become ritualistic, with events being organized at least once a year, and even weekly, within a company, in order to strengthen the bonds and relationships among employees. In addition, team-building activities often enhance the employee-employer relationship, and help boost morale, and loyalty among employees. By setting up team building activities within your company, you offer your employees the opportunity to get to know each other better, which also helps them discover common interests. Alongside all these positive benefits that team building creates among employees, these activities also give your teams an opportunity to improve their communication and prevent or resolve conflicts.

Does Virtual Reality Offer Immersion or Collaboration?

Virtual reality is the most powerful and best team building activity because it is the source of unique and impressive emotional experiences. It also creates an incredible sense of presence, and makes collaboration very effective when working in a team. With the help of VR headphones, immersive learning offers new possibilities and skills; a great example is industrial maintenance, and industrial vocational training.

Virtual reality offers new perspectives for business meetings. Some mixed reality platforms allow you to find yourself in collaborative holographic experiences and virtual meeting rooms in order to exchange between colleagues. These tools enhance team communication and collaboration, whether it’s brainstorming on whiteboards, working on a document, learning about the progress of a team’s work, or just spending time together.

Effective Communication

One of the main benefits of Virtual Reality is effective communication. Users can communicate with each other and enjoy their discussions. It provides a new experience of communicating with people. In addition, thanks to VR animations, you can even offer employees a 6 to 15 minute virtual escape during lunch. These moments allow employees to remove themselves from their daily lives, which helps stimulate them for the remainder of the day. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic that has dramatically changed the way we work, VR has been a blessing in preventing employees from burning out during lengthy and lonely lockdowns. VR allows your team members to participate in a unique, inclusive and sensory experience. Companies that want to offer this unique experience to their employees, on a more regular basis, can buy headsets or seek out virtual headset rental companies, and have them delivered to each employee at home. With this new technology, all your employees can enjoy tailor-made experiences and share emotions together.

Maintain Team Spirit

Over time, the well-being and group cohesion between the employees of a company have become very important subjects, and are taken very seriously by an increasing number of managers. Managers also realize that employees are showcases of the company, and that it is essential to retain happy and thriving teams.


Virtual reality offers a number of advantages to the user. In terms of immersive experiences, it offers a unique and effective way to build relationships among employees working in teams. Implementing this technology into any business is a major asset, since it performs so well in building and maintaining relationships. Contact Zero Latency regarding your next team building activity in Montreal.

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