a unique in the world VR gaming experience!

Move through a video game as a character, interact with other players while facing life-size enemies… In short, jump into a thrilling ultra-realistic science fiction adventure. This is what Zero Latency’s “Free-roaming Virtual Reality” (FRVR) technology offers you.

Whether you want to dive into a fantasy world perched in seventh heaven, or face flesh-eating zombies in a dystopian universe… There’s something for everyone in our library of epic VR games. Ready for the adventure?

A woman holding a virtual reality gun at Zero Latency

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The best VR games at your disposal

When you book a VR game session at Zero Latency, you can choose from our selection of exclusive award-winning virtual reality games. Whether it’s shooting games in a sci-fi world or mind-blowing coordination games that defy the laws of physics, you’ll find something for everyone in our library. Choose from one of these six virtual reality games and enjoy boundless fun with your teammates.

Zero Latency VR multiplayer games, how does it work?

Our VR gaming platform was developed in collaboration with industry giants HP, Microsoft and Intel, to offer you an experience which is as immersive and realistic as possible. With our superior wireless equipment and state-of-the-art motion tools, we guarantee stunning VR games.

Zero Latency’s virtual reality setup includes a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, advanced software and unparalleled imagination so you can be transported into the ultimate VR gaming experience. Our platform is constantly evolving and new levels and games are created each year.

Our Virtual Reality (or VR) games, are available in multiplayer mode, supporting up to 8 participants at a time for an unforgettable social experience with your family, friends or colleagues.

Come challenge your friends, test your team spirit for a team-building exercise, or celebrate a bachelor / bachelorette party in the most original way!

You’re a smaller group? Don’t panic! You can be paired with other players, or just play in smaller groups. Contact Us!

Our physical space is on the scale of a warehouse, designed to accommodate up to 8 players at a time, per game. Once you and your team enter one of many virtual worlds offered, our virtual reality headsets offer a virtual space that modulates the space around you, giving the existing space even greater proportions and scale!

You and your team can roam freely, without wires, without cumbersome controllers and with confidence within the VR play area to explore the immersive world in which you will have plunged … And all this without having to worry about hitting an obstacle!

Zombie of a virtual reality game

The best equipment for the VR games

Before you dive into our best VR games, you will need some high-performance equipment. Here is all that will be provided to you to have the true Zero Latency experience.

Forget the traditional controllers: at Zero Latency, you will be armed with assault rifles (fictitious, of course) as controllers. These perfectly weighted weapons have been designed to reflect reality and contribute to the illusion until the end!

Defy reality with the phenomenal graphic detail of our HP reverb Gen2 gaming headsets and dive head first into an alternate universe. You’ll be fooled!

Our Kraken headphones and microphones provide an ultra realistic ambient sound level and a clean, clear line of communication between all the players.

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