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Zero Latency is the world leader in free roam multiplayer virtual reality. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Zero Latency is the world’s best virtual reality experience, with over 75 locations on 4 continents and 27 countries.

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Immersive virtual adventure

Move through a video game in a character’s skin, interact with other players while facing real size enemies … In short, jump into a thrilling, realistic sci-fi adventure in immersive virtual reality. This is what the “Zero Latency Free-Roam Virtual Reality” (FRVR) technology, designed by Zero Latency, offers.

Our virtual reality arena in Montreal is designed to make your virtual reality experience as immersive as possible. This is an activity you can enjoy with friends, colleagues (team building activities), or your family. Welcome to the latest in VR games!

new experience: an Axcitement axe throwing game

Players’ testimonials

“The technology is incredibly immersive and the setup is perfect for that. You have a huge space to walk around freely, there are no cables nor cords and no accessories anywhere.”


“When the first undead creature attacks you, it seems terribly close. If you’ve always wanted to hear a grown man shout like a girl, here’s your chance.”

– mashable

“ This was one of the most exciting moments I’ve experienced in virtual reality, not because of what I saw, but because of what I was doing physically. ”

– polygon

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