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Zero Latency is the world leader in free roam multiplayer virtual reality. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Zero Latency is considered one of the world's best virtual reality gaming experiences ever propelled to the world stage, with more than 30 VR rooms around the world. Here is what sets us apart from other virtual reality rooms in Montreal!

Zero Latency VR room: Our story

It was in Scott Vandonkelaar's garage in Melbourne, Australia, that Tim Ruse, Kyel Smith, and Scott Vandonkelaar himself, the founders of Zero Latency, began working on the first-ever free-roaming virtual reality prototype (that is, where it is possible to move). The prototype was revealed for the first time at the 2014 Melbourne Pause Fest, two years after the start of its development: an instant success.

Building on this success, the three founders launched a crowdfunding campaign that quickly grew. Having attracted the attention of Carthona Capital, they succeeded in obtaining the initial investment required for the company’s development and launch.

Thus, in August 2015, the world's first Zero Latency VR room opened its doors to the public in North Melbourne, Australia. In 2019, this pioneering VR arcade room is today, the undisputed world leader, with more than 750,000 games played on thirty sites in 18 countries and four continents.


What is a VR Zero Latency game room?

Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are specially designed to put you in the most immersive experience possible. When you enter a VR Zero Latency game room, you enter a new virtual world.

The Zero Latency Montreal arena combines wireless technology, unique software and, most importantly, an explosion of sounds and landscapes straight out of the imagination. It's all part of exciting multiplayer games that let you share the entire virtual reality experience with colleagues, friends or family.

While our platforms are constantly evolving, always improved by our team, one thing remains constant: the pleasure that our players experience in moving freely through an ultra-realistic fantasy universe.

What does a VR Zero Latency arcade room look like?

Our VR room is designed to accommodate up to 8 players at a time in an over 200 square-meter space. Our technology offers players a safe environment in which they can roam freely, without the risk of hitting a wall, without feeling dizzy, in a world of astonishing realism. Work as a team with your family, friends or colleagues to defeat enemies, take control of a stronghold and explore the game's realistic, mind-boggling environment.

Get out of your comfort zone: come visit our VR arena!

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