VR Games
by Zero Latency:

A multiplayer VR gaming experience unique in the world!

A unique experience in Montreal

Move through a video game in a character’s skin, interact with other players while facing real size enemies in our multiplayer VR games ... In short, jump into a thrilling ultra-realistic sci-fi adventure. This is what the "Zero Latency Free-Roaming Virtual Reality" (FRVR) technology, designed by Zero Latency, offers.

Whether you want to dive into a fantasy world perched at the top of the world, or face flesh-eating zombies in a dystopian world ... there's something for everyone in our epic VR library.

Wanna have some fun in a VR Zombie survival game ? Are you keen to discover the best VR shooting game experience ? That's possible with Zero Latency.

The only important question is: are you ready for adventure?

The best multiplayer VR games at your disposal

When you book a VR games session at Zero Latency, you can choose from our selection of award-winning virtual reality games. Whether it's vr shooting games in a sci-fi world or mind-blowing coordination games that defy the laws of physics, you'll find something for everyone in our extensive library of choice.

Choose from one of these six virtual reality games and enjoy boundless fun with your teammates:

Far Cry Dive Into Insanity

Captured by pirates, you and your friends need to escape from a twisted hunting game in this tropical holiday gone wrong.

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A secret military space station just sank into the darkness ... Can you discover the cause?

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Outbreak Origins

A deadly virus is wreaking havoc, the infected zombie hordes are taking over the city.  Prepare your squad for epic battles on your mission to find a cure.

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Sol Raider

Assemble your teams and battle your friends in a post-apocalyptic battle!

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Suspended in the air, challenge the laws of physics in a world where nothing works as it should ... Not even gravity.

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Scary Girl Mission Maybee

Navigate your way through luminescent woods and underground toxic caverns in order to reach a neon city ferociously guarded by Dr Maybee’s robot tower.

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Undead Arena

In this post-apocalyptic world, survivors band together in the fortified cities. The brave few that seek fortune and fame do battle in a deadly new game.

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How do VR Zero Latency multiplayer games work?

Our VR gaming platform was developed in collaboration with industry giants HP, Microsoft and Intel, to offer you an experience which is as immersive and realistic as possible. With our superior wireless equipment and state-of-the-art motion tools, we guarantee stunning VR games.

Zero Latency's virtual reality setup includes a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, advanced software and unparalleled imagination so you can be transported into the ultimate VR gaming experience. Our platform is constantly evolving and new levels and games are created each year.

Our Virtual Reality (or VR) games, are available in multiplayer mode, supporting up to 8 participants at a time for an unforgettable social experience with your family, friends or colleagues.

Come challenge your friends, test your team spirit for a team-building exercise, or celebrate a bachelor / bachelorette party in the most original way!

You’re a smaller group? Don’t panic! You can be paired with other players, or just play in smaller groups.

Where are Zero Latency’s virtual reality games played?

Our physical space is on the scale of a warehouse, designed to accommodate up to 8 players at a time, per game. Once you and your team enter one of many virtual worlds offered, our virtual reality headsets offer a virtual space that modulates the space around you, giving the existing space even greater proportions and scale!

You and your team can roam freely, without wires, without cumbersome controllers and with confidence within the VR play area to explore the immersive world in which you will have plunged ... And all this without having to worry about hitting an obstacle!

VR games at Zero Latency:

What can I expect?

Before setting foot in virtual reality games’ game space, you live in your own world, the one you have always known. Once inside, virtual reality headset properly placed on your head, you're fully immersed in a fictitious world, worthy of a sci-fi movie.

Although you are perfectly aware of still being in our world, at least physically, your five senses are fully immersed in an alternate universe. Your heart beats fast, adrenaline rushes, and you try to remember that what is now around you is no longer real ... Although your emotions definitely are! A moment is enough to be completely sucked into a world that defies all senses.

The best equipment for the best VR games

Before you dive into our best VR games, you will need some high-performance equipment. Here is all that will be provided to you to have the true Zero Latency experience.

Forget the traditional controllers: at Zero Latency, you will be armed with assault rifles (fictitious, of course) as controllers. These perfectly weighted weapons have been designed to reflect reality and contribute to the illusion until the end!

Challenge reality with the phenomenal graphic details of our VR MR Headset Pro Edition gaming headsets and plunge your head into an alternative universe. You'll be fooled!

Our Razer headphones and microphones provide an ultra realistic ambient sound level and a clean, clear line of communication between all the players.

Complete your uniform with a military-grade backpack. It contains the high-performance Alienware PC gaming computer, which powers the game without disrupting your movements.



This was one of the most exciting moments I've experienced in virtual reality, not because of what I saw, but because of what I was doing physically.


When the first undead creature attacks you, it seems terribly close. If you've always wanted to hear a grown man shout like a girl, here's your chance.


The technology is incredibly immersive and the setup is perfect for that. You have a huge space to walk around freely, there are no cables nor cords and no accessories anywhere.


This surreal multiplayer experience is the most advanced free-roaming virtual reality game in the world.


It's the best virtual reality experience that I have ever had. And I’ve tried them all.


Zero Latency is the most captivating, immersive and realistic virtual reality experience I've ever tried.