Our VR room
in Montreal



Zero Latency is the international leader in virtual reality gaming

With thirty branches around the world, on four continents, come discover our new VR space in Montreal (Canada)!

Leave the real world and dive into one of the breathtaking virtual worlds that our immersive video games have to offer

How to get to Zero Latency's VR room in Montreal?

We are located at 910 Jean-Talon Est.

Easily accessible by public transport, 5 minutes walk from Metro Jean-Talon and accessible by bike path on Boyer Street.

What parking options are available?

If you want to visit our VR space in Montreal by car, please note that we do not offer parking space.

However, you can use the nearby on-street parking if necessary. There is also a municipal parking south of the venue on St-Andre, at the cost of 3$/hour.

What does the Zero Latency VR space in Montreal look like?



In our VR space in Montreal, you will live a unique experience not only with our augmented reality headsets, but also with our large space specially designed to make every game as realistic as possible.





Our augmented virtual reality installations can accommodate multiplayer groups of up to eight people, in a play area exceeding 200 square meters. As for the virtual space in which you will be immersed, it is even bigger and more imposing thanks to our advanced virtual reality applications.

In short: a unique experience impossible to reproduce at home!


Ready to go through the Zero Latency experience?

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